Monday, December 26, 2011

6 Months Old...

Liam is 6 Months old on Dec. 24! Sorry for the late post, Christmas time was very busy for us! Liam made out like a bandit of course! So far this boy has gotten 3 movies, leapfrog: my pal scout, glow seahorse, an elephant that shoots balls, two guitars, clothes, little toys, a giant giraffe ball thing, a little dinosaur bike, a play table, and I cant even think of what else! But man oh man are we running out of space lol. He will have his 6 month check up sometime at the beginning of January, so I will update you more then. He is such a happy baby, and we couldnt be any more happier with our son! Here are our christmas pictures that we took at jcp portrait studio, enjoy!

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